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Gambling and casinos in Western Europe
Twenty countries in Western Europe has casinos the four States in which there is betting, including betting on horse races , dog races, and gambling establishments completely new type – with slots or terminals for the game of poker - Online casino europa

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Today European roulette is considered to be the ancestor of most of the gambling entertainment. However, despite a long history of development, the game for many who want to get rich, remains an unsolved mystery.

Game rules:
The playing field, numbered from 0 to 36, divided into three sectors. The numbers on the drum are not in order. According to the rules European roulette, the playing field is divided into external and internal sectors. If these gurus of European roulette prefer to spend free time in game halls, the newcomers for developing their own strategies free demo version of the game.

Before starting, all participants bet on a number or combination of numbers. In addition, each player can do one party a few bets. Only at European roulette 10 types of bets, wherein the amount of the sums and the value of winning. European and American roulette involves a dealer who spins the wheel. "Plus" is the player who put the number or the field where the ball stopped. The rules of the game, the prize amount depends on the specific bet type and is determined by using special tables.

Popular casinos and gaming venues in Western Europe

Bets that are not won on the European wheel, go into the coffers of the online casinos or gaming establishments. In some cases, provides for the possibility of another spin. If you win the bet, the player is returned in case of loss, funds transferred to the casino account. Professional players believe that European roulette is more profitable for both beginners and experienced lovers of excitement and thrills. That is why one of the most traditional entertainments of high society to the present time considered a very real source of income for those who are not afraid of risk explore their own strategies of gamesmanship.

Gambling in Western Europe

In parallel with the developments in the United States, in the "backyard" of the United States of Europe " everything was different.

In Italy, as a result of control over the gaming sites had their own "side effects". Those who chased after the gold of fools in the European gambling world, hoping to capitalize on the casino and get easy money, and invested in the development of, and attract clients realized that to make a profit is incredibly difficult and returned Home with empty hands.

France also opened its gates to the Internet, but acted with much more prudence, based on the disastrous experience of the Italian neighbors.

They were followed by Spain, which seemed to learn from the mistakes of the pioneers.

In Denmark, managed to achieve the greatest success, where all decisions at the expense of gambling were made at the state level, in contrast to the United States.

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The most important lesson learned in Europe is that the greatest stumbling block is the enormous sums needed for investments, many European operators simply had to refuse to participate in this event, because of the limitations of their already emaciated assets.

To become a legal operator of online gambling in the US, you should already be represented in the land-based casino industry and to be registered in a special government body, most likely on the template operators in Nevada - famous for Las Vegas, which in turn already eliminates 99% of European operators - applicants.

Nothing is impossible, but even if your pocket is full of money, there is a real opportunity to get on the market of online gambling services in the United States?

First, the main obstacle is the availability of land-based casinos in the country, and second, that obtaining an online license that is not guaranteed, and thirdly, it is the ruthless competition with powerful players gambling USA market. This competition can only be compared to a football match, when on the field, meet the local team and guests from far abroad, it is obvious that the native of the stadium and charged the army of fans of the local club, just can't give victory to the visitors.

Of course, there is always the opportunity to buy land in the US, to build his casino, and apply for an online license, but the fee for this is truly incredible. For guests wishing to access their gaming business in the United States, the law provides a sales tax, ranging from relatively modest in Nevada of 6.75%, to 15% in new Jersey and a truly incredible 22% tax in the States of Iowa and Pennsylvania.

Europa casino mobile

You can imagine when in the UK only hinted at 15% tax, a storm of emotions and indignation swept through the Kingdom. Representatives of a gaming network filled with messages of this kind: "We are all doomed...", and what can we say about the incredibly high taxes in the us States that tax the online casinos is the norm?!

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This is still the worst ending for a blockbuster with such a scenario, perhaps something else to change. But for now, the American dream remains a purely American prerogative.