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Our list is constantly actualizarea, as every day we are scouring hundreds of forums to identify really high-quality white online casinos. We believe that, good for safety of the players must create and ANTI-TOP – list dishonest online institutions that cheat their customers, so please leave your feedback (both positive and negative) on our website and to share your experiences about these or other casinos with which you had to deal with. This will help us to create the most authentic lists, which many players will be protected from suspicious online resources.

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Your analysis is not only based on the collection of data on the Internet about trusted online schools and, conversely, about the black casinos that were caught cheating their customers. Periodically we conduct a survey among different players on the subject of best and worst online casinos. When voting, we consider many criteria, among which are:

A very important factor ...

A very important factor in getting a casino in our rankings of the best is the quality and speed of payments. After all, what good is winning if it is not possible to withdraw or if the withdrawal takes a tremendous amount of time. But here it is worth noting the fact that even in proven respectable online casino can be certain limits (single, daily and monthly limits) for withdrawal. This fact should not scare you, the more that he honestly described in the relevant section on the website of the casino. Also there may be a delay with the first withdrawal casino need time to establish the identity data of the player and his financial data, but it's temporary difficulties, and if you become a regular customer of the institution, the subsequent payments are made without any delays, almost instantly.

In addition to all the ways mentioned above, we periodically test all online casino ranked in our list of the TOP 10, so I can responsibly say that all are represented in our list of online institutions really are honest gambling houses that allow their customers worthy of winning and withdrawal their funds the be any risk. Thus, the information presented on our site will help you honestly to make money online casino, and to do so you can either be found in the list, because our list are really only best and honest online casino.

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In fact, quality and honest online casinos a lot more than ten, but our list includes only the most worthy. We have made a separate review for the best Russian online casino and a separate one for international. Almost all of the foreign online casinos have in stock support Russian language, and almost all are free to play with demo versions of your favorite games, or slot machines that will allow you to assess the quality of the graphics, sound, plot and much more, which creates additional advantages when playing your favorite games.

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Before we get into our review, we personally check roulette, slots and other slots.